Guaranteed Auto Protection

Our partners at Frost Financial Services, Inc. have been in business since 1972 and currently provide GAP programs to well over 1,000 financial institutions throughout the country.

GAP is "your" financial institutions product, and we have designed a GAP program that offers the broadest possible coverage for your and your borrowers.  While most GAP programs are similar, there can be big differences.  The Frost GAP program pays more in claims than any other program available and is a major reason that the Frost GAP program has become the industry standard for great coverage and service.

Your borrowers will purchase GAP coverage in good faith from your lending staff and they will have one simple expectation- that "GAP will payoff their loan if their vehicle is totaled".  Your borrowers deserve the best GAP program possible and the Frost GAP program will help you to have satisfied borrowers and reduce potential charge-offs.

In addition to providing the best coverage for your borrowers, Frost provides both "high touch" and "high tech" service to you to help you be more successful in explaining potential GAP risk to your borrowers and presenting vehicle loan protection products in a consistent and uniform fashion.  Frost's VisualGAP web-based application provides industry leading technology to your loan staff that includes:

  • A graphing tool to illustrate the borrower's potential GAP risk
  • Menu-selling and sales scripts for direct vehicle loans
  • Free NADA valuations
  • End-to-end administrative tools
  • Real-time GAP claim updates