About Us


Members Insurance, Inc. was founded in 1980 by Jeff Hill and Gwen Briley May.  The two partners used their combined years in the insurance industry to create a company that would provide and service credit unions and other financial institutions with the insurance products to protect their members and the institutions themselves.

Throughout the years, Members Insurance, Inc. has worked to introduce new products and make them viable.  The many changes in credit unions, banks and technology are reflected in the changing insurance products that are available today.

Gwen retired in 1997 and moved to Oklahoma with her husband and two daughters.  After 25 years as President of Members Insurance, Inc., Jeff Hill died in 2005.  His wife, Debbie Hill became President of the corporation after serving as an officer of the coporation for 15 years.  In November of 2005 she was joined by their son Trevor as COO of the corporation.

Today Members Insurance, Inc. has numerous relationships with national companies that are ranked among the highest in their field.  They serve over 45 credit unions and other financial institutions in Washington, Oregon, California and Idaho, protecting their organizations and their members.